AAAT Appeals

AAT Appeals, AAT hearing


The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) conducts independent merits review of administrative decisions made under Commonwealth laws.

When a visa/nomination is refused or cancelled, you might lodge AAT appeals. We feel proud in announcing that we are the expert of AAT appeals. We not only lodge AAT appeals for you, we help you arrange the paperwork ready for the interview at AAT hearing. So that you feel 100% confident in answering the AAT member’s questions. Bajwa Immigration Consultants have won many cases for their clients. Don’t delay in contacting us in the office today if you are eligible to apply for an AAT appeal.


For an appeal from a decision of the AAT to succeed the applicant must convince the Judge hearing the appeal that the AAT made an error of law and that the error contributed to the decision that is being appealed.

Errors of law might include:

  • denying procedural fairness to a party; or
  • incorrectly interpreting a statute relevant to the proceeding.

However, even when an error of law is demonstrated, the Judge may dismiss the appeal if he or she considers that the AAT arrived at a decision that was clearly correct on the material before it.

The Judge hearing an appeal from a decision of immigration case officer:

  • does not consider any new evidence or information that was not presented in the original case (except in special circumstances);
  • does not call witnesses to give evidence;
  • does read all the relevant documents filed by the parties in the original case;
  • does listen to legal argument from both parties to the appeal.