Privacy Policy


At World Class Consultants, we respect your privacy and care about it just as much as you do. Therefore, we are committed to complying with the Privacy Act in association with all the personal and sensitive information that we may collect from you. Please go through our Privacy Policy to learn about how we handle the information we collect from you.

Privacy Policy

The Policy outlines:

  • The kinds of personal information that we collect and hold.
  • Our process of collecting information.
  • The purpose of collecting various information.
  • The way in which we utilize and disclose information.
  • The measures we take to protect the information we collect.
  • How you may access and correct your personal information that we hold.

The Kinds of Personal Information that we Collect and Hold

Throughout our regular course of activities, we may collect information from you, some of which may be sensitive.

These are the types of information that we may collect from you:

  • We collect personal information, which may include but is not limited to your name, your postal and email addresses, your contact details, your residency status, date of birth, your educational qualifications, your employment details, tax file numbers, your passport details, information necessary for visa application and lodging (medical and financial information), as well as your professional and occupational memberships:
  • Who enquire regarding study opportunities, or who want to study in an educational institution abroad.
  • Who engage with our visa application services (student visas, skilled migration visa, or post-study work visa).
  • Who register for participation in an event organized by World Class Consultants.
  • Who register their interest in being engaged as individuals or consultants on programs managed by World Class Consultants.

This information may include the copies of documents for proof of identity, such as passport copies, photographs, or proof of citizenship.

  • In case you register your interest with a World Class Consultants counsellor, or subscribe to our website, we may collect your personal information, including your name, date of birth, postal and email address, contact details, occupation, country of residence, preferred study destination, as well as sensitive information, including professional memberships.
  • We may collect payment details in case you purchase any products from our website.
  • When registering for a conference or an event, such as an Expo, we may collect personal or sensitive information for attending the event. While collecting information for an event, we may also provide you information regarding our other services.
The Process of Collecting Information

World Class Consultants will only collect information through fair and lawful means. We may collect your personal information through you, an authorized representative of yours, or even a third party that provides our services to you. We may also collect information when we get in touch with you through social channels, such as Facebook.

We would like to inform you that World Class Consultants does not collect personal or sensitive information unless absolutely necessary for our business or activities. Moreover, we will always take your consent before collecting your sensitive information.

Furthermore, our clients need to provide us with their identities when communicating with us and not use any pseudonyms.

The Activities for which we may collect your Information

World Class Consultants only collects your personal information so that we may serve you.

Student Placement

In our Student Placement services, we offer recruitment, student placement, counselling, English language testing, visa assistance, English language training, seminars, and student exhibitions.

By collecting your personal information, we are able to:

  • Assist you in undertaking studies in an educational institution abroad.
  • Assist you in student visa application, including getting in touch with the Department of Home Affairs or several other organizations on your behalf.
  • Assist you in excelling at your career after completing your education abroad.
  • Offer you opportunities to become consultants in various programs or projects.
  • Do research for analytical, training, and analytical purposes.
  • Manage our events and business operations.
  • Responding your questions.
Visa Application Services for Canada, Australia, USA, New Zealand, Europe, UK, UAE, and Malaysia

We offer visa application services for Canada, Australia, USA, New Zealand, Europe, UK, UAE, and Malaysia. We will guide you through the application process and assist you in preparing all the documents for the visa application. We not only offer our customers visa application services, but also assist in skilled migration and post-study work visa applications.

Your sensitive and personal information (including reports from the medical examination) helps us in:

  • Providing the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) all the relevant information necessary for your visa application.
  • Contacting the DHA on your behalf to ask questions about the visa application.
  • Provide you updates on your visa application and give you advice for your application.
Our Ways of Using and Disclosing Personal Information

World Class Consultants only uses and discloses your personal information for only necessary purposes for the business. We may disclose your information only on the occasions when you have consented, when it is expected us to do so, and when it is required by law.

We may also use your information for our direct marketing; however, we provide you the right for opting out of it.

Disclosure of Information

World Class Consultants may disclose your personal information to overseas educational institutions, visa agencies, professional bodies, PTE test centers, commercial organizations, regulatory authorities, etc. only when you have opted to study in those institutions. The location of these organizations will depend on where you have applied for studying or where verification is necessary.

The Steps World Class Consultants takes to Protect your Personal Information

World Class Consultants takes strong measures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, loss, misuse, modification, or interference. As such, we take these measures:

  • Maintain our technology with the latest security measures, such as firewalls, use of passwords, network security configurations, and other measures.
  • We regularly update our systems to protect them from malicious activities.
  • We restrict the use of data to only those staff that need to perform our business activities.
  • We train our employees to treat our customers’ information as extremely confidential.

World Class Consultants wants you to know that when you submit your information to us through the internet, there may be threats to that information because the internet is not a safe environment. We take all necessary measures to protect your information on our end; however, we cannot guarantee the safety of your information over the internet.

Moreover, when we no longer need your information, we destroy it so that it couldn’t be used in any malicious activities. However, if we are required by law to keep your personal information, we do so for a Commonwealth record.

How you can access and Rectify the Personal Information kept by us

As our client, you have the right to get access to your personal information that we keep, unless there is a valid clause under the Privacy Act for us to withhold that information.

These valid clauses may include:

  • We have a reason to suspect that an unlawful misconduct or activity is being engaged and giving the access may aggravate that.
  • Giving the access might disclose evaluative information from us, which is associated with a commercially sensitive procedure.

In case there are changes in your personal information, or you believe the information we have is incorrect, you may contact us to rectify that information.

We will make sure that your complaint is responded in a timely and professional manner. However, in case you are not satisfied by the way we handle the complaint, you may get your complaint reviewed under the Privacy Act.

Updates in The Privacy Policy

World Class Consultants holds the rights to amends its Privacy Policy from time to time. Any modifications made will be posted on our website.

More Information

For further information on the subject matter, please get in touch with us at

Website Usage

By using this website, you accept and agree to World Class Consultant’s Privacy Policy without qualification or limitation.

We will not, without your consent, disclose your personal information to other parties. Moreover, we do not trade, sell, or rent your personal information to third parties unless authorized by the Privacy Act or required by the law.

This Privacy Policy applies only to the information that we collect, and may be different to the policies that other organizations and companies you link to from our website.

Google Analytics

World Class Consultants uses Google Analytics to analyze internet usage in order to ensure that our site meets our business objectives with users and advertisers. We protect individual privacy; however, we may gain insights on how to make our site useful to our users and advertisers.

Data collected from analytics include:

  • The number of page impressions or views on our site
  • The number of unique visitors
  • How much time (on average) the unique visitors spend on our website
  • Frequent entry and exit points to our website
  • The files that are downloaded from our website
  • The forms that are filled on our website

Cookies are data files that a website sends to a user’s web browser. World Class Consultants uses cookies to improve our visitors’ experience on the site through selected locality, language preference, etc.

In case you want to disable cookies, you would have to follow the steps required by your browser.

We currently allow third party vendors to advertise on our site. These third parties may use cookies to analyze a visitor’s ad experience for the next time they visit our site. Few of the information collected, including age, gender, interests, etc. may be used for marketing means.