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Have a glimpse on some of our professional partners and members:

Our exposure and partnerships will help you beyond your imagination.We have been assisting students from the different sections of the World and helping them in realization of their dreams of international study. We have industrial conglomerates and native savoir-faire to assist with the things like insurance, banking, accommodation and eating.

We are your educational partner and we take it as our responsibility to take care of everything ranging from the selection of course programs, processing Visa and applications to the compulsory health insurance etc.
By the time, we have striven very hard to developed amicable relations with our partner institutes and universities which students can capitalize in their own favor. These institutes can help deserving students in getting educational scholarships and fee waivers which will offset the cost of studying overseas.

World Class Consultants makes you free from all worrisome procedures or paper work and help you to focus on your career objectives by planning a new life.
Our partner institutes mostly belong to countries with good socio-economic indicators across the globe.
Apart from having a wide range of options for academic institutes on your table, one can also have a working relationships with them.
Before we partner with an institute or college, we take some time and analyze their course offerings, fee structure, culture, civilization, ethos, morality, diversity, international student support and location to ensure as credible where we want to put our students in.

We take the following things into consideration:

  • The institution itself and the facilities provided by it
  • Campus proximity to the local amenities
  • Student societies and their impact on student’s grooming
  • The quality of education and graduate outcomes
  • The academic fee and scholarship opportunities being provided
  • Commitment to learning outcomes
  • Visa procedures
  • We recommend an institute based on our comprehensive research and your preferences or interests.

Discover out everything you need to make the right choice

Our educational counselors invest time on students in order to learn their study goals, life prospects before presenting them with the right options to meet their preferences.
Either you want to choose one out of your multiple preferences, or want to generate options based on your priorities, you can trust on our specialist career oriented professionals who always give the comprehensive and compact information and help you in making informed choice regarding your future.
There is a lot you can learn from our websites, broachers and one to one meeting with our professionals gaining first-hand information in working with top academic institutes across the world.