World Class Consultants


Accomplish your goals alongside World Class Consultants.

We have been helping aspiring students to realize their dream of High quality foreign education across the world since 2020.

We are the representative of top listed foreign educational institutes and top ranked universities across the globe. We help students seeking study at amazing destinations across the Globe by offering them counselling and managing their applications throughout the process. These Destinations may include New Zealand, USA, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

If you wish to study abroad, we are here to help you in realizing your dream into reality.

No matter if you are already a student on overseas or are aspiring to become, we offer our help in.

  • Selecting the right destination as per your credentials and requirements
  • Mentoring you in the right selection of the academic programs and subsequent career outcomes.
  • Organizing the applicant’s documents and managing the course applications throughout the process thereby providing liaison between the aspiring student and the institute.
  • Helping the aspiring students in correct selection of study programs based on their eligibility henceforth reducing the total cost for study.
  • Helping aspiring students in preparing VISA applications and lodging in the relevant authorities of country chose for study.
  • Arranging your travel and managing the accommodation, dine in and much more.

We always maintain a close relationship with our client not only during the course of application, but also keep in close touch with our student once he get settled in the host country in order to ensure that Everything is working as per plan. Still If student face any inconvenience, he can may contact our International office in destination country.

Our consultants and advisors are experienced specialists who have discretion to serve the community as dedicated professionals.

In case of any query concerning finding the correct career path, right academic course, application requirements, and Visa processing, one may feel free to ask our qualified and amicable counsellors who have also been international students themselves and have discretion to have first-hand information. Our certified professionals have personally faced the opportunities and challenges in their career path boosting your confidence on us.

We have dedicated and qualified professionals readily available having potential to assist thousands of students like you.
World Class Consultants has discretion to have ability to speak and communicate in more than 20 languages. So a student and his family can find it convenient to talk in a language he is most contented with.

We offer our end to end services starting right from academic course selection, processing application and providing liaison between the institute and student without any charges. YES, WE DO THIS FOR FREE.
We have out certified migrant agents readily available to help you in preparing, managing and processing VISA paperwork on your behalf.
Wherever in the World, you want to go, we offer our specialized network of partner offices and institutes to help you in getting there.