Studying in Canada can offer you an opportunity to experience a vastly different cultural and natural experience from sky scrapers to the cold deserts, from native Canadians to the multilingual and multi ethnic society. Cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Quebec, Ottawa and Montreal are people friendly, tolerant and multiethnic in nature.
Northern Canada represent the beautiful picture of nature and is full of natural landscapes, waterfalls and mountains. Mount Logan is famous and 2nd highest in Northern America and attract tourists due to its beauty. Canada uses languages like English and French as its official language and represent a true multi linguistic and multi ethnic culture.
Despite being the 2nd largest country in the world, it is less densely populated as compared to its neighbor USA. Even the whole of the population of Canada is less than the State of California USA due to its harsh winters. Although you might some land in Canada covered with snow half of the year – but you are unlikely to find any Canadian Universities located there.
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Top universities in Canada
Universities in Canada are prestigious and has earned international accreditation and fame. It is a house of some top ranked universities of the World and is also among the world leading study destinations. The cities home to the top ranked universities for students are Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia.
Study in Canada, one of the most developed nation, can be an attractive and lucrative opportunity for aspiring students. According to QS World University ranking 2019, it feature a total of 26 Universities among which 3 are included in the World’s Top 50, 11 Universities in the World’s Top 300 positions. Only handful of nations are able to achieve this milestone so far.
The two largest cities of Canada i.e. Toronto and Montreal, are home to the World’s recognized best Universities and are known as University of Toronto located in Toronto ranking 28th internationally and McGill University located Montreal ranking 33rd Internationally according to QS World University rankings.
There are also some universities in other parts of the Canada and are ranked among top 220 Universities of the World e.g. University of Waterloo, Western University, University of Alberta, McMaster University etc.