Thinking to study in Hungary? You must have the following reasons to support your notion.
Situated at the center of central and eastern Europe, Hungry is home to a many attraction of the region. Among those, its distinctive identity in the one attribute on which Hungry takes much pride. And obviously, pride is not without a reason. Ranging from the unique culture, value, traditions, historical political aspects to the sky scrapers, vibrant cities, and architectural aesthetics, Hungry is a beautiful place to live and study. It has strong focus on globalization thus leading it among the best study destinations across the globe.

Universities in Hungary
The educational system of Hungry is not firmly established keeping in focus the study abroad map, still Hungry is very committed to uplift its higher educational system parallel to the other European countries like Britain, France, Germany. Nowadays Universities in Hungry are welcoming to a greater number of students than ever before offering cultural exchange programs as well as full degrees. Hungry is also offering courses in other language than Hungarian like English, thereby attracting a lot students across the globe.
Europe has adopted the Bologna Process who aims to make the quality of higher education across the Europe more compatible and three level of programs are generally offered In Hungry: alapképzés (bachelor’s), mesterképzés (masters) and doktori képzés (doctorate). Bachelor degree comprises the course work of around 3-4 years, masters’ program ranges from 1-2 years while the doctorate program is spanning across 3 years. Some courses are also being offered to complete a five or six year course work which includes bachelors as well as masters in its schedule.
The number of universities appearing in the QS World University Ranking in year 2018 are eight. A brief introduction of top 5 is given below for your knowledge.
Six universities in Hungary appear in the QS World University Rankings® 2018, while a total of eight are featured in the QS EECA University Rankings 2018. The five highest-ranked universities in Hungary are:

University of Szeged University of Szeged

The top ranked university of Hungry is Szeged University of Szeged and is placed in 501-550 in the QS world university rankings and 27th in Europe. Particularly keen to attract international students across the globe and extending its influence, the university is a member university of Erasmus Exchange program and provide students with scholarships covering almost all major subjects. Keeing in view its international stature and prospects, the majority of the courses are offered in English and some bachelor courses also included English preparatory courses. This university also ranked in top 200 for agriculture and top 450 in six subjects according to QS ranking system.

Eötvös Loránd University
Having been established in 1635, this university is now ranked among top 651-700 in the World and 30th in region of Europe and central Asia. The location of the university is Capital, Budapest and is recognized as the well-respected university of Hungry. This institute has produced a large number of Nobel laureates and scientists. This university is currently house to 2000+ international students, 28000 total students in 8 different faculties.

University of Debrecen University of Debrecen
According to QS world University ranking system 2018, this university is ranked in the top 650-771 universities across the globe and 35th in Europe and central Asian region. Its main campus is located in 2nd largest city of the hungry known as Debrecen situated in the east of the country. This university also welcomes the international students across the wide range of faculties including forest, medicine and modern languages. Keeping in view its international audience, majority of the courses are taught in English.

Corvinus University of Budapest
This university is located in capital city of Budapest and is ranked 801-1000 in the top World Universities and 45th in Europe and central Asian region. It is house of slightly less than 11,000 students enrolled in 2016 and a more than 1400 students outside the country. These students undertake programs in different languages other than English like German and French. It is regarded among the global top 250 universities in subjects of agriculture and forestry and 350 for business and economics studies.

Budapest University of Technology and Economics
This university is home of technology and business economics oriented studies across the Hungry being ranked among the Top 751-800 in QS World University rankings published in 2018 and 28th in the region of Europe and central Asia. It is ranked among top 300 global universities in mathematics and material sciences and has also been featured in QS World University rankings by subject 2017 seven times. It teaches in a range of different languages like English, French, German and Hungarian.

Other notable universities in Hungary, which all offer support for international students, include the University of Pécs (the oldest in the country, ranked 63rd in the EECA rankings), Szent István University, Kaposvár University, the University of West Hungary, Széchenyi István University, the University of Pannonia and the University of Miskolc.