Permanent Residency in Australia


  • A non-citizen resident of Australia who holds the permanent VISA of Australia is called Australian permanent resident. A permanent resident has privilege to work, live and study abroad without any restriction.
  • A permanent resident may have many rights and prerogatives of a citizen, however there may be some differences for instance:
  • A permanent resident of foreign country have freedom to enter the country anytime on their own will. Even if a citizen wishes to travel internationally from that country, he can travel via permanent visa from a valid travel authority provided that they want to return to the same country of departure as a permanent resident.
  • A citizen having permanent resident rights in Australia can vote in elections. In majority of the cases, citizens holding permanent visa cannot vote in foreign countries. But the case is different in Australia if a permanent resident was enrolled before 1984 (as a British subject).
  • For Permanent residents and non-citizens, access to the Australian government facilities and benefits is the duty of the government to provide all necessary amenities to its subjects.

Different ways can be adopted in order to become permanent residents of Australia which greatly depends upon individual circumstances. Some of the ways from temporary to the permanent resident status are mentioned as follows:

TSS482 visa to Australian Permanent Residency

Persons holding TSS Visa medium term and working with the same employer for more than 3 years are apply to apply for Permanent residency through the Transitional Stream also known as TRT. There are also different ways to process the permanent residency case for DAMA Visa Holders which also incorporate different transitional arrangements for existing visa holders.

457 working visa to Australian Permanent Residency

If a person has 457 Visa or has applied for 457 VISA on or before the 18th of April 2017, he may still have the opportunity to apply for permanent Residence under 186ENS or 187 RSMS under the two year pathway (which is temporary residence transition) regardless of the fact that under what occupation he is employed.

Regional visas to Australian Permanent Residency

Both Subclass 491 and subclass 494 are skilled work regional visa (provisional) and skilled employer sponsored Visa respectively having pathway to the permanent resident Visa through the subclass 191 which is permanent residence skilled regional. For an applicant to acquire permanent resident visa from November 2022, applicants must hold the 491 or 494 Visa for at least 3 years. Apart from this condition, an applicant must also adhere to the other conditions including meeting the minimum taxable income requirements.

Student visa to Australian Permanent Residency

This category depends upon the points acquired and based on those points, student can apply for permanent residence using skill select system to get skilled Visa.

485 Graduate visa to Australian Permanent Residency

In order to get permanent visa on sponsor visa, you must have 485 graduate visa and have an employer who is willing to sponsor the applicant to stay in Australia under ENS 187 & RSMS 187 Visa. In case, an applicant scores enough points and his occupation is in demand he may be eligible to apply for 189 Skilled Independent Visa, 190 Skilled Sponsored Visa or 489 Skilled Provisional Visa.

489 skilled provisional visa to Australian Permanent Residency

489 skilled provisional visa can also lead to permanent residency under current immigration legislation thereby allowing applicant for the permanent skilled regional visa according to subclass 887 subjected to other requirements.

State sponsorship for Australian PR

Under subclass 190, the applicants enabled by specific skillset are allowed to live and work in country as a permanent resident subjected to the other conditions including points score.
There is also a skilled permanent residency oriented skilled migration visa for applicants belonging to an occupation high in demand according to Australia’s labour market.

New Zealand citizen to Australian Permanent Residency

There also exists an opportunity for applicants living in new Zealand and aspiring to get permanent residency in Australia depending upon the fact whether they arrive in Australia before or after 26 Feb 2001. Mostly, people coming from new Zealand are granted a special visa known as CSV (special category visa) which is temporary in nature but allows holder to live and work in Australia. In case an applicant was present on 26 Feb 2001 as holder of an SCV, he might be eligible to apply for permanent Australian residency status.

Family related visas to Australian Permanent Residency

Having permanent Australian residency status, or eligible New Zealand citizen to acquire permanent residency status in Australia, one is able to sponsor his/her family to live in Australia. Firstly they come as temporary citizen but after meeting specific criteria be granted permanent residency.