Apart from being home of Alfred Nobel who started first Nobel Prize in 1901, there are also many attractions of this country comparatively small in size but large in its influence across the globe. It is also home of a wide range of international products ranging from The World class furniture manufacturing company IKEA to automobile manufacturing company VOLVO. Sweden has been the center of an empire in the 17th century.

Modern day Sweden is known as a welfare state giving all the best practices and facilities to its citizen which one can imagine. It propagates the democratic values all across the World and is known as the symbol of justice and fairness. Even Sweden provided a great learning opportunities to the developed nations.

The other main highlights of this country include lowest gender pay gaps at workplaces, health care system, equality of wealth and equal rights for all including transgender. Tution free education (previously only for EU students and now for non-EU Students also) appeal and attract a wide range of students across the globe.

Sweden is an amazing destination for international students eager to get their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. But what makes Sweden such a great attraction? Well, it’s great universities, obviously.

Based on The Academic Ranking of World Universities and Times Higher Education World University Rankings, some of the most popular institutes among students are: Uppsala University (in Uppsala), KTH Royal Institute of Technology (in Stockholm), University of Gothenburg (in Goteborg), and Chalmers University of Technology (still in Goteborg).