The aspiring students wishing to study in turkey are dramatically increased during the academic year 2015-2016 and a recent surge in this trend has been witnessed by the authorities. As per statistics, there are approx. 650,000+ foreign students studying in Turkey marking it as the hotspot for higher education destinations.

Studying in turkey is relatively much inexpensive along with world class education together with opportunities for scholarships for foreign students. Apart from these facts, a student is also provided with the monthly pay allowance which can cover accommodation, health insurance, tuition fee and top of the all, health expenses.
Turkey is regarded as the World class Tourist destination spot in the World and is famous for its natural landscapes and historical glimpses. According to the statistics in 2017, Nearly 40 million tourists visited from all over the world which depicts its importance as tourist destination. Turkey is also among top 10 Countries most popular for holiday destination and is keen to increase its popularity by attracting students from all over the world.
Turkey’s geographical importance is undeniable and can be traced back to its historical political, religious and cultural facts and figures. Istanbul known as Constantinople in history, is a city half located in continent Asia and half in Eastern Europe. Both sides are different and offer a contract of Asian and European cultures. The Strait of Bosporus is also traddling between two continents. Istanbul is regarded as the country’s economic and cultural center and has been voted as the European Capital of Culture in 2010. Mosque of Suleymaniye, Hagia Sophia and ancient Hippodrome of Constantine depicts its main historical importance.
Istanbul has been home to the world largest empires the sky has ever witnesses, from Roman Empire to the Ottoman Empire. Each empire had its own architectural taste. Shopping markets in Turkey are multi-faceted ranging from modern malls to the deeply rooted historical Bazaars to the including the Grand bazaar, one of the oldest and largest markets in the World. Its night life is also attractive and includes international musical festivals, famous restaurants, vibrant nightlife and film festivals.
Istanbul is home to the world class best public and private educational institutes, some offering mode of transmission as English. City’s life is affordable and is comparatively less costly. The city earns its highest scores in the students view indicator and affordability indicator which speaks a lot of the students’ experiences.
Based on a Survey. When asked the students about the best thing they enjoyed in the city, the answer was the cultural and historical diversity of the city along with a wide spectrum of opportunities available for both lives, personal as well as professionals.