January 25, 2024

Australia’s Student Visa Changes: Ministerial Direction No. 107

Australia’s student visa changes signal a significant shift in how the country manages student visas. In this detailed exploration, we will discuss the implications of Ministerial Direction No. 107 on the processing of Student and Student Guardian visa applications. We’ll also look into the upcoming Ministerial Direction about Genuine Student Requirements and how these changes might affect students who want to study in Australia.

Understanding Ministerial Direction No. 107

Prioritizing Based on Risk:

Ministerial Direction No. 107, in effect since December 15, 2023, has changed how Australia handles student visas. Now, they’re taking a closer look at how safe or risky the institution you’ve chosen is. If it’s seen as high-risk, your application might take a little more time to process. But don’t stress too much; every application will still be looked at, and if your choice is a low-risk one, it will be processed more quickly. The idea is to make sure everyone’s application is carefully considered, with extra attention given to those that might have a bit more risk involved.

The Genuine Student Requirement Directive

Defining Key Considerations:

2024 Genuine Student Requirement Directive: Evaluates studies, student visa applicants.

Scheduled for early 2024, the Genuine Student Requirement Directive aims to make things clearer for those applying for student visas. When deciding, officials will look at different factors, like how well you’re doing in your studies and how your career is developing. They’ll also check if what you plan to study matches up with your future job goals. This directive is meant to ensure that people applying for student visas are genuinely focused on their education and how it connects to their future careers.

Australia’s student visa changes clear Expectations for Students:

The new rule wants to make things clear for students studying in Australia. It’s like a set of straightforward rules everyone needs to follow. If you don’t meet these rules, there’s a chance you might not get a student visa. It’s important to understand and meet these expectations to make sure you can study in Australia without any issues.

Australia’s student visa changes: What Applicants Should Know

Application Form Modifications:

Ministerial Direction No. 107: The student visa application

From early 2024, the student visa application form will have some changes to match the new Genuine Student Requirement. When filling out the form, applicants will need to show that they understand and are interested in the course they want to study. They’ll also need to declare that they are a genuine student, promise to follow the visa rules and be aware that there are limited options for permanent residence after studying.

Communication and Stakeholder Involvement:

It’s important to know that everyone will be told about these changes well before they happen. This includes people in the international education sector and those who are thinking about studying in Australia. This is done to make sure everyone knows what’s coming and is ready for the changes in the student visa application process.


Australia is changing the way it processes student visas to make sure everything is fair and clear for everyone involved. They want to keep the system strong and make sure students know what’s expected of them. If you’re thinking about studying in Australia, or if you’re already involved in education there, it’s a good idea to keep up with these changes. Being informed will help you understand and work with the new rules for student visas in Australia. Stay updated with World Class Consultants to navigate the student visa process smoothly!


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