July 27, 2023

New Rules for Australia Study Visa Requirements in 2023

The Australian government introduced new regulations for student visas on July 20, aimed at supporting international students and providing greater flexibility in the application process.

These new rules were announced by Australian Immigration Minister, Alan Tudge. Let’s go through the key changes:

  1. Border Reopening: Australia is now granting student visas to applicants outside the country, allowing international students to have their visas before the borders reopen. This enables them to proceed with their travel plans.
  2. Post-Work-Study Visa Relaxations: Students and graduates impacted by travel restrictions since March 20, 2020, can now apply for a Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) visa from outside Australia.
  3. Recognition of Online Classes: The government will now acknowledge online classes taken outside Australia during the COVID-19 period as part of the Australian Study Requirement for both current and new students.
  4. Free Visa Extension: International students facing difficulties in completing their registered courses at Australian universities within the visa validity due to the pandemic can apply for a student visa extension without any application charge.
  5. Additional Document Submission Time: Applicants are granted extra time to submit English Language Test Results, which were disrupted since March 2020 due to COVID-19. The government is also providing additional time for biometrics, health checks, character certificates, and other services affected by the pandemic.

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  1. Post-Study Work Visa Eligibility: Graduates who held a student visa and are currently outside Australia due to travel restrictions can now apply for a post-study work visa.
  2. Financial Support and Protections: The government is offering financial assistance to international students on temporary visas who have faced financial hardship while being in Australia for more than 12 months due to COVID-19. Students can access their Australian superannuation (FUNDS) earlier than usual. Additionally, the government is implementing measures to protect international students from eviction from rental accommodation, providing them with similar protections as Australian citizens.

It’s worth noting that the government allocated $200 million to support international students on temporary visas, with a $7 million donation to the Red Cross. These changes are designed to alleviate the challenges faced by international students during the pandemic and provide them with essential support. For more information, please visit our website at https://worldclassconsultants.com.au/ or feel free to reach out to us on our social media channels for any inquiries.

Summary of Article

Australia has introduced new 2023 visa regulations, including free visa extension, post-work-study visa relaxations, and financial support measures.

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