February 14, 2024

What is a Job Ready Program?

Are you an international student who wants to start a career in Australia? The Trade Recognition Australia (TRA) Job Ready Program might be your ticket to success. This four-step plan not only checks your skills but also opens doors for permanent skilled visas and important work experience in Australia.

Understanding the TRA Job Ready Program

The TRA Job Ready Program acts as a crucial link for international students completing their Australian qualifications, and aiming to work in the country. It involves a meticulous four-step process, assessing skills, providing practical experience, and ultimately granting a job-ready status.

1. Sponsored Visa Opportunities

Before delving into the program, it’s essential to align your goals with the intended visa subclass. If targeting a Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (subclass 482), ensure your occupation is on the relevant list. This alignment ensures a smoother transition through the program and toward your desired work outcome in Australia.

2. Four Crucial Steps

Step 1: Provisional Skill Assessment (PSA)

Verify your qualifications and employment in Australian institutions, meeting criteria such as holding a study visa, relevant occupation qualification, and completing a minimum of 360 hours of employment in Australia. This step serves as a foundational assessment, ensuring your academic and practical qualifications align with Australian standards.

Step 2: Job Ready Employment (JRE)

TRA Job Ready: Elevating international student careers in Australia.

Complete a minimum of 1725 hours within a year in a TRA-approved work environment, with prerequisites including positive PSA results, a visa with full work rights, and eligible employment. This extensive period of work experience ensures a deep immersion into the Australian job market, enhancing your adaptability and competence within your chosen field.

Step 3: Job Ready Workplace Assessment (JRWA)

Assess your working capabilities in a TRA-approved workspace, requiring evidence of 863 hours of paid employment within six months from the start of the JRE program. This assessment provides a targeted evaluation of your on-the-job performance. Showcasing your practical skills and competence to potential employers.

Step 4: Job Ready Final Assessment (JRFA)

Upon successful completion of the first three steps, apply for JRFA, the final assessment, meeting criteria like providing evidence of 1725 paid employment hours in a TRA-approved workspace within 12 months. The JRFA is the culmination of your journey, demonstrating not only your sustained employment but also your commitment to professional growth and development.

3. Job Ready Program Occupation List

Covering various occupations like Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanics, Chef, Carpenter, and Welder. It’s crucial to check the list to ensure your profession is eligible. Familiarising yourself with this list early in the process helps you make informed decisions about your career path and potential visa outcomes.

4. Visa Stream: Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485)

The TRA Job Ready Program typically falls under the General Skilled Migration program. With the associated visa stream being the Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485), offering recent graduates the opportunity to work, study, or live in Australia temporarily. This visa stream opens up avenues for further educational pursuits, providing a holistic experience for international students in Australia.

5. Benefits of Australia’s Job Ready Program

Career pathways in Australia: TRA Job Ready Program benefits.

Enhance Employability: Boost your chances of employability by not just meeting but exceeding the industry standards through the comprehensive TRA Job Ready Program.

Practical Experience: Gain real-world experience through internships and work placements. Allowing you to apply theoretical knowledge in practical settings, and fostering a well-rounded skill set.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry professionals for job offers and mentorship. Building valuable relationships that can contribute to your long-term career success.

Fast-track Career Growth: Job Ready programs offer quicker pathways to enter the workforce. Enabling you to progress in your career at an accelerated pace compared to traditional routes.

International Recognition: Completion of the program enhances career prospects globally. As the TRA Job Ready Program attests to your competence and adaptability in an internationally recognized work environment.

6. Types of Job Ready Programs

Australia offers various Job Ready Programs, including internships, Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses, graduate programs, skill enhancement programs, and language and communication programs. Exploring these options allows you to tailor your approach based on your career goals and preferences.

7. Choosing the Right Program

Consider your career objectives, ensure program accreditation, check duration and schedule, evaluate costs, and explore career support services before selecting a Job Ready Program. This thoughtful consideration ensures that the chosen program aligns with your aspirations and provides the necessary support for a successful transition into the Australian workforce.

8. Assistance from The World Class Consultants:

The World Class Consultants provides top visa-related services and educational consulting. The team of visa consultants can guide you through the entire Job Ready Program application process. Seeking assistance from professionals streamlines the application process, providing you with expert guidance and support. As you navigate the intricacies of the Australian immigration system.


The TRA Job Ready Program is a comprehensive initiative designed to bridge the gap between international students and successful careers in Australia. By understanding the steps, eligibility criteria, and associated benefits. You can make an informed decision to propel your professional journey forward. Don’t just complete your degree; open the door to your future with the Job Ready Program.


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